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What is VOTE411?

VOTE411 is a non-partisan online voters' guide provided as a free public service by the League of Women Voters. The League of Women Voters of Delaware (LWVDE) encourages all Delaware voters to visit the website prior to each election to learn about the races and candidates on their ballot. Site visitors can view a sample ballot, compare the candidates' viewpoints on issues in their own words, side-by-side, and save their candidate selections for later reference.

Business Donors - Thank You!

LWVDE would like to thank our business donors for our 2018 VOTE411 project. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Vendor Partners - Thank You!

Community Partners - Join the Fun!

DSU League of Women Voters Club Officers Erin Gordon and Ja'Carla Mitchell record Public Service Announcements with WSTW's Andrew Sgroi in July 2018

VOTE411 Poster Placements at Redners Markets
The VOTE411 Team thanks Redners Markets for displaying VOTE411 posters in Dover and Georgetown

Trina Moulton and Jill Itzkowitz place a VOTE411 poster
Diver Sales Associate Trina Moulton and NCC League member Jill Itzkowitz place a poster at Diver Chevrolet in on Pennsylvania Ave in Wilmington. Thanks, Rich Diver, for your support!

Bob Havens and Marj Johnson place a VOTE411 poster
Diver Chevy's Bob Havens and NCC League President Marj Johnson give a thumbs-up.

Library Partnership

Pat Makos with VOTE411 poster at Greenwood Public Library
Pat Makos places a poster at Greenwood Public Library

VOTE411 Display Case at Lewes Library
A VOTE411 display case at the Lewes library

Cathay Keogh and Kim Wells (on web conference screen)
Cathay Keogh orchestrates a remote VOTE411 training session for state reference librarians