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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking (exploitation of individuals for sexual or forced labor purposes) is a worldwide problem, and Delaware is not immune. The 147th session of the state legislature passed SB 270 in June of 2014 to help fight human trafficking in Delaware.

Stop Human Trafficking League of Women Voters of New Castle County (LWVNCC), along with AAUW, Zoe Ministries, Prison Ministries of Delaware and other groups, has sponsored a series of Human Trafficking Forums between June 2016 and May 2017, in Newark, Middletown, and Wilmington, to raise public awareness.

Some forum facts:

  • Delaware is the pipeline through which the trafficking passes in this part of the country - Deputy Attorney General Abigail Layton.
  • Over 100 cases have passed through the human trafficking program in the Court of Common Pleas in the last four years - Court Commissioner Mary McDonough.
  • It happens in every single county - Yolanda Schlabach of Zoe Ministries.
  • The Human Trafficking Coordinating Council established by the legislature in 2014 still has no officially allocated funding

Message from Emily White, past LWVNCC President, in January 2017:

"Human exploitation, known as Human Trafficking, is a multi-million/billion dollar business, at the expense of human beings, from young children and teenagers, to adults, both male and female. This is a world-wide commerce, using human beings as a commodity, though you won't find the profits listed on the news as a factor in our National GDP. Nationally, over 300,000 children and teenagers are bought and sold each year. Those statistics refer only to the people who are rescued. Human trafficking is alive and rampant here in the State of Delaware.

There are vigilant activists in Delaware; League Board member, Fay Whittle, who chairs the Social Justice Committee in New Castle County, arranges Speaker Forums to address the issue. Yolanda Schlabach, from Sussex County, is the owner and CEO of the non-profit, ZOE Ministries, arranged a Speaker Forum in November at Dover Downs; Over 638 people were in attendance, with a waiting list. Ms. Schlabach travels throughout the State, speaking at schools and for groups at community centers.

Emily White Delaware State Legislators have been addressing strategies for combating Human Trafficking in this state. Legislation was enacted in Delaware in 2014. Governor Markell has scheduled a press conference for January 10, 2017, 2:30 P.M., declaring through Proclamation, that January will be Human Trafficking Month in the State of Delaware."

Delaware Affordable Care Act

The website for Delaware's health insurance marketplace provides Delawareans information they may need to know before enrollment, including answers to frequently asked questions and how to connect with the state's marketplace guides. has a resource available that provides geographically specific premium and rate information after answering a few basic questions. This is available at It should be noted that this calculator provides information on rates prior to any premium subsidies or cost sharing that an individual might receive. To calculate subsidies, consumers may use the Kaiser Family Foundations Subsidy Calculator available at Both of these calculators provide Delaware-specific information and can be accessed directly as well as via

For those interested in additional detail on the plans and rates, Delaware's Department of Insurance has made many resources available on its website, including charts of the medical and dental plan rates for all ages by plan, and the list of Agents and Brokers (Producers) certified to discuss Marketplace products: