Making Democracy Work

Voting and Elections

Making democracy work

It's time for all citizens to R.E.V - Register, Educate yourself, and Vote!

Register to Vote

Many voter activities such as registering to vote, changing your home address or party affiliation can be accomplished using the Delaware Department of Elections Voter Portal at "". Learn more on our Registering to Vote page.

Click the image below for easy access to the DE Dept of Elections Voter Portal:

Many Delawareans register to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles when they obtain their drivers license. This is true even of young drivers 16 or 17 years of age; they may register when they get their license but not actually vote until the year they turn 18.

Additionally, the League of Women Voters provides voter registration tables at many schools and community events. For more information about this program, contact our Voter Registration Coordinator.

Educate Yourself about Issues and Candidates

The League of Women Voters provides VOTE411, a free, non-partisan voters guide as a service to the voting public. The 2018 Delaware VOTE411 guide for the Sept 6 primaries was launched on July 16, 2018, and the general election guide will be launched on Monday Sept 10 after the primary results are announced.

Please join the League in thanking our Delaware VOTE411 community partners and supporters.

Visit prior to each election to see a sample ballot for your location, compare the viewpoints of the candidates for those races, and text or email yourself your candidate selections for later reference. The website also offers links to general election information for the state of Delaware, such as election dates, registration deadlines, and polling places.

To learn more, watch this 15-minute video tutorial on how to use the voters' guide feature of the Delaware VOTE411.

Vote! (in State-wide, School Board, and Municipal Elections)

To find your polling place, go to the online Voter Portal and click on "Where do I vote on election day?".

Learn about election dates and voting procedures on our Voting in Delaware Elections page.

Also see our This Way to the Voting Booth 2018 printable document published by the League of Women Voters of Delaware (LWVDE) for a rundown of registration and voting procedures in our state.

After the Election

Citizen participation need not and should not end at the voting booth. See our Action and Advocacy page for advocacy activities of the local League of Women Voters, and a link to our Lobby Handbook, and guide on how to conduct effective legislative advocacy in Delaware.